Water flow towards Hourolazim wetland promising

TEHRAN May 10 (Shana)–Water flow towards Hourolazim wetland that started last year has reached its second pond already, head of Department of Environment (DoE) Masoumeh Ebtekar said.

She continued covering the wetland with water flow could help DoE in its efforts to reduce dust storm that partly originates from dried areas which were once covered with water.
She noted that dust storm partly originates from 350 thousand hectares of land in Khuzestan province, adding rising temperature and less rainfall worsen the situation year after year due to expanding dried lands.

According to her, part of the dust storm originates from outside the country especially from Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and security situation in the region has hampered cooperation to overcome the thread.
Elsewhere in her remarks she said in correspondence with environmental officials of the U.N, she has called for establishment of a fund for fight against the phenomenon noting she plans to meet U.N environment officials in near future to raise the issue.

Earlier she said that Department of Environment (DOE) and Petroleum Ministry were closely cooperating to revive Hourolazim wetland located in southwest of the country with rich oil and gas resources.
She continued that last year the wetland flooded after some structures that had been built across the stream were opened so that water entered the wetland.

The dikes have been already built to prevent water from flowing towards wetland. In last February it was decided a number of them to be opened and now the southern part of Hourolazim Wetland has been covered with water, Ebtekar noted.
She noted that in talks with Petroleum Ministry the two sides decided to continue cooperation for facilitating water flow towards Hourolazim Wetland so that it could be revived.