Shahroudi: Some regional countries US-Israeli puppets

Tehran, May 9, IRNA – Vice Speaker of Leadership Experts Assembly Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmud Shahroudi said on Sunday that some regional countries have turned to be US-Israeli puppets. He expressed indignation at Saudi crimes against humanity in Yemen.

‘The current status of the Islamic countries is highly painful and sorrowful and we might even say that in no other historical era so much enmities and catastrophes against the the Muslim World are perpetrated at such widescale dimensions, They are unprecedented,’ said Shahrudi in his Saturday seminary class.

Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi pointed out that the global oppression system, especially the United States and its puppet regimes in the region have escalated crimes against humanity in the Muslim world in blatant violation of the international humanitarian law.

‘The catastrophic humanitarian situation observed in Yemen today, shedding the blood of the Muslim, poor and defenseless nation, and burying the children and infants under debris of Saudi bombardments in the name of a coalition to support a fugitive mercenary, who has absolutely no legitimacy and has therefore himself resigned and escaped has injured sentiments of the entire humanity, but the greater catastrophe is that no responsive reaction is being shown in the international community to bring the Saudi war criminals to justice,’ he said.

Comparing the heinous crimes committed by the Saudi leaders in Yemen with the Zionist regime’s war crimes in Gaza, the vice-speaker said that the Saudis’ crimes in Yemen seem to be greater than the Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza.