Iran to send ship with humanitarian aid to Yemen – Rights activist

Iran will send a ship with 2.5 tonnes of humanitarian cargo to Yemen, according to Yemeni rights activist and journalist Mohammad Rajihi.

MANAMA (Sputnik) — Iran is planning to send a ship with humanitarian cargo to the conflict-torn Yemen, a prominent rights activist said Saturday.

Yemen has been engulfed in a military confrontation between pro-government forces, supported by a Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels over the recent months.

“The ship will carry 2.5 tonnes [2.75 tons] of humanitarian aid, including food and medicines,” Yemeni rights activist and journalist Mohammad Rajihi told Sputnik.

The ship, which will leave Iran on Saturday evening, is expected to arrive in Yemen on Tuesday, he added.

Some 50 Iranian government officials and public figures will travel to Yemen on board the ship with humanitarian aid, Rajihi added.
On Friday, Tehran said it would hold mass rallies in support of Yemeni people and against Saudi-led airstrikes over Yemeni territory, according to local media.
In late March, as Houthis seized control of Yemeni capital Sanaa and several other cities, forcing President Hadi to flee the country, the Saudi-led coalition began conducting airstrikes against rebels’ positions.
By late April, the coalition announced the end to its airstrikes, yet the airstrikes campaign continued into May.
According to UN estimates, over 1,200 people have been killed in Yemeni conflict, while 300,000 have fled their homes amid violence.
By Sputnik News