US-Iran military confrontation will lead to catastrophic world war: Analyst

A military conflict between the United States and Iran will lead to a “catastrophic” world war and will create a “new severe oil shock,” a political commentator in Washington says.

“The idea of a military confrontation between the US and Iran is a dangerous and really preposterous notion,” said Jeff Steinberg, a senior editor for the Executive Intelligence Review.

“If you consider how fragile the world economy is, the world financial system is, something like that would represent a total shock to the system,” Steinberg told Press TV on Wednesday.

He made the comments one day after US Republican Senator Ted Cruz said President Barack Obama’s efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran “makes war a certainty.”

The US presidential nominee for 2016 said, “the next president will face a binary choice: Either allow Iran to have nuclear weapons or use military force to prevent it.”

The presidential nominees are attempting to “single themselves out from the others by making irrational and extreme statements that are irresponsible but a reflection of how American politics works in a presidential election season,” Steinberg said.

“I don’t think any president right now should be even remotely considering some kind of a new war in the Persian Gulf region which will blow out the world economy, will create a new severe oil shock and it could be the start of a war that could very easily get out of control and lead to a world war, even potentially a catastrophic war which you see the use of thermonuclear weapons,” he added.

Iran and the P5+1 group reached a framework agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in Switzerland. The two sides are working to finalize a deal by the end of June.

On Wednesday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei dismissed the recent US military threats against Iran, saying that the Islamic Republic will not leave any acts of aggression unanswered.

Ayatollah Khamenei further described as “unacceptable” the use of threats concurrent with the negotiations which is underway between Iran and international powers.

By Press TV