Oppressive sanctions inflicted Iranian elite minds: VP

Tehran, May 7, IRNA – Presidential Legal Advisor Elham Aminzadeh said on Wednesday that the oppressive sanctions have barred Iranians from providing their inventions and works to the world while foreign countries could not exchange scientific ideas with Iranians either.

Our producers of literary, arts and industrial works who were negatively affected by the sanctions had to provide their works indirectly to the intnernational forums, she told the visiting Deputy Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for Culture and Creative Industries Sector, Anne Leer.

Aminzadeh expressed the hope that with diplomatic efforts of President Hassan Rouhani’s government to lift the sanctions, there will be scientific exhanges between Iranians and foreigners.

Saying that promition of knowlege and science cannot be stopped, she said Iranian students are entitled to learn and hoped that with lifting of sanctions, Iranian and foreign students can resume exchanging scientific and educational maerial through legal means.

Leer, for her part, said that passing laws in support of intellectual property is a demanding job and hoped that Iran as a member state of copy rights conventions can also join the Bern Convention to increase it support of literary, arts and industiral works.

Every politician and economist, she added, is supporting the copy rights laws because their importance are increasingly becoming evident.

The WIPO deputy said sanctions have led to plagiarism worldwide and added, ‘We hope that with lifting of sanctions, the barriers on the way of Iranian publishers will be also removed so that Iran will have a more visible presence in international markets.