Iran makes efforts to produce anti-cancer drugs from aquatic creatures

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers are trying to produce anti-cancer drugs by aquatic creatures found in Persian Gulf, southern Iran.

Identifying different kinds of aquatic creatures, including those found in Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, which are of considerable anti-tumor activities, it is possible to fight different types of cancer, said Dr. Saeed Jahromi, who is in charge of a plan for investigating anti-cancer characteristics of polysaccharides combinations.

Iranian experts are capable of identifying aquatic creatures and finding a drug which does not create any negative impact on body and has non-carcinogenic characteristics, he said.

Dr. Jahromi further noted that the aim of the study is to evaluate anti-cancer activities of different extracts obtained from brown macroalgae from islands of Qeshm, Hormuz, Abbas and Lengeh to overcome cancer cell lines and identify polysaccharides with anti-cancer properties.

He also said Persian Gulf waters are rich in terms of macroalgae resources, especially brown macroalgae which can prevent cancer.

The Iranian researcher further expressed the hope that in case the plan would be implemented, Iran can take giant steps in making natural and effective drugs for preventing and treating cancer.