328 kilos of narcotics seized in Minab, Hormozgan province

Bandar Abbas, May 4, IRNA – Deputy Commander of Minab police force said on Monday that during the past 24 hours 328,380 grams of various types of narcotic drugs were seized and confiscated from traffickers in that township.

The narcotics, comprised of hashish and opium were seized in the course of three police operations, according to General Hassan Baba’ie.

He said that 246,500 grams of the seized narcotics was hash.

General Baba’ie reiterated that his officers seized the narcotics while the smugglers were loading them onto a van and caught a smuggler red handed in the operation.

The police chief said that 81,880 grams of the seized narcotics, too, was opium that was being transferred in a passenger car and a van, which were both stopped and confiscated.

General Baba’ie said that the three arrested smugglers, the seized narcotics and their vehicles were delivered to the judiciary officials together with the files completed about them.

Minab Township is the second largest city of Hormozgan province next to the provincial capital city, Bandar Abbas, and located at a 95 kilometer distance from it.