Iran-Turkey energy ties to serve economy

TEHRAN April 28(Shana)–Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey, Ali Reza Bigdeli, has said that the energy cooperation between Turkey and Iran is “an engine that mobilizes the two countries’ economies”.

“In general, Turkey and Iran are improving their cooperation in the energy arena. But we need to make more market investigations and improve infrastructure both to be able to export natural gas to Turkey and to transit Iranian gas through Turkey. But after all of these are realized, you will see that our gas exports and transition will improve on a large scale,” Daily Sabah quoted Bigdeli as saying.
Regarding the price of gas export to Turkey, the ambassador said: “In order to offer a discount on the prices, we have two choices. One of them is negotiation and the other is arbitration. Turkey chose the second way so we will wait for the final decision in May. But our job will begin after that. We obviously want to export more to Turkey and Turkey wants to buy more gas from Iran.”