Salehi acknowledges Iran’s status in international relations

Tehran, April 27, IRNA – Although in industrial field Iran is not among the top seven industrialized nations, but the Islamic Republic has special status in international relations, head of Atomic Energy organization of Iran said on Monday.

Speaking in a panel discussion at Sharif Industrial University, titled ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Nuclear Energy’ Ali Akbar Salehi elaborated on Iran’s capabilities in international developments in various fields.

‘In the field of the international developments so long as Iran’s voice is not heard about an important international development, especially in the Middle East region, the views od Iran were not heeded so far,’ said Salehi.

He said that authentic Islam is today accepted not only in the hearts and minds of the world Muslims, but also embraced wholeheartedly by many non-Muslims who convert to Islam in an accelerating trend.

Salehi expressed deep concern about new western-Zionist plot crystallized in the terrorist Daesh grouplet and the likes of it like al-Qada, Buku Haram.

Salehi reiterated that the future of the Iranian nation is very bright and promising, as the Iranian nation does not only rely on its ancient culture and civilization, which are very great and important, and it has made hard work and perseverance.

Salehi praised the hard work of the Iranian nuclear scientists for instance, whose efforts is one of the factors leading to the present day prestige and strength of Iran.

‘It is due to that national strength and might that the world powers pay close attention to Iran today, although the members of our nuclear negotiating team know well how to do their job faultlessly,’ he said.

‘The fact that in the negotiations they listen to Iran’s reasoning and yield to our demands is due to the professional competence of our team, side by side with the Iranian national resolve and the shed blood of our martyrs,’ he said.