Iran rejects export of gas condensate to Poland

Iran on Tuesday rejected a report that it had exported a cargo of gas condensate to Poland.

Mohsen Qamsari, the deputy director for international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), said on Tuesday that Iran has made no recent export of condensate to Poland as reported earlier.

Qamsari was reacting to a report by Reuters that Poland’s largest oil refiner PKK Orlen had received a 122,000-tonne cargo of gas condensate of Iranian origin for its Mazeikiai refinery in Lithuania.

The official said any new move in Iran’s oil sector marketing activities is still pending the removal of sanctions.

“Presently, a wide range of clients from different countries have announced readiness to import crude oil as well as gas condensate from Iran,” Qamsari said.

“Once pressures on oil clients are lifted, Iran will be able to increase its exports of crude oil as well as other products”.

Iran and P5+1 are working on a final agreement that would guarantee the removal of some economic sanctions against the country in return for steps from Tehran to restrict some aspects of its nuclear energy activities.

A key section of sanctions that will be removed – once Iran and P5+1 sign the final Iran nuclear deal before June 30 – are those that ban investments in Iran’s energy sector as well as those that impose a ceiling on the country’s sales of oil and other related products such as gas condensate.

By Press TV