Majlis says Saudi aggression on Yemen jeopardizing int’l peace

Tehran, April 26, IRNA – Iranian Parliament on Sunday condemned in strongest term the Saudi aggression on Yemeni sovereign nation and urged the United Nations and regional states to stand up to the blatant violation of the international law jeopardizing the international peace.

Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission’s spokesman Hossein Naqavi Hosseini made the remarks in an interview with IRNA.

Hosseini said Head of the Commission Alaeddin Borujerdi expressed outrage at the obstacles created by the Saudi government for delivery of humanitarian emergency supplies to Yemen.

He said that the Saudi government perpetrated crimes against humanity and war crimes in Yemen and that the Saudi government violated the principles of war laws by preventing airlifting the Yemeni people wounded in the Saudi air raids.

Naqavi Hosseini said that the Saudi government is responsible under international law for deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The session also reviewed views, criticisms and dark points in the nuclear talks, the Lausanne statement, the comments of Iranian officials and Americans’ fact sheet in presence of the Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi.

Naqavi Hosseini referred to the comments of Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and the AEOI Head Ali-Akbar Salehi and said, ‘We do not have any problem in certain fields, including Research and Development (R&D).’

He said members of the Commission underlined resistance to adventurism of the other party, securing national interests to the maximum possible degree, observing red lines of the Islamic Republic in nuclear domain and not trusting the enemy, especially the US, which is a disloyal and traitor government that follows double-standard policies.