Dependence on oil, main blow to economy: minister

Tehran, April 26, IRNA – Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia pointed to the Supreme Leader’s remarks that dependence on oil and the government are the two major blows to the economy and said that necessary policies have been adopted by the government to remove the two bottlenecks and put resistance economy in operation.

He said in the post-sanction period one of the ways towards success in the economy is paying attention to “resistance economy” and to its general policies, adding that the government puts serious stress on lowering the inflation rate to a single digit.

Pointing out that economic bottleneck should not be merely attributed to the sanctions, the minister said however sanctions are irrational and unfair as Iran had never developed an atomic bomb and has no such an intention.

As for the post-sanction period, Tayebnia said short, medium and long-term plans are considered, noting that attention should be paid to avoiding dependence of the economy on the government and on oil.

He referred to the government’s anti-inflation policies and said in recent months due to the fight with inflation it has dropped from 40% to 15% and such policies will continue until it drops to a single digit.

Elsewhere in his remarks he said special attention should be paid to the attraction of foreign investment and export of technologies and products of the country in the post-sanction period, adding that currently investors are ready to enter into Iran’s market and have announced that Iran is the best country for making investment.

Commenting on Iran’s non-oil exports, he said given the welcome that has been accorded by people of the neighboring countries such as Iraq, efforts should be made for preparing markets for the export of Iranian commodities.