Security, Islamic Republic’s gift to minorities: Assyrian MP

Tehran, April 25, IRNA – Representative of Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Yonathan Betkolia said security and peace are the biggest gift to religious minorities living in Iran by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Talking to IRNA on Saturday, he criticized enemy media for fabricating news about the situation of religious minorities in Iran and said contrary to their claims Assyrians enjoy absolute freedom in the country.

He said his religious community has never subject to persecution and mistreatment in Iran.

He said that enemies, scared by Iran’s becoming a major regional power by gaining victory in various areas, feel compelled to hatch plots to confront Iran.

He said sowing discord between Muslims and Christian citizens in the city of Orumiyeh, in West Azarbaijan province, which hosted both religions in a friendly atmosphere is the main objective of world hegemonic powers.

The parliamentarian said the enemies accused Iran of violating the rights of religious minorities while they are able to conduct all their religious rituals quite freely.