Middle-East’s largest carmaker vows to manufacture more fuel efficient cars

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s largest carmaker, the Iran Khodro Industrial Group, said it has put producing fuel efficient engines on its agenda in order to show more attention to environment protection and fuel economy reduction in the current (Iranian) year (Mar 21, 2015-Mar 20, 2016).

According to Jamshid Kondori, IKCO Deputy CEO for Part and Component Production, Iranian car market demands high-tech engines, production of which is one of IKCO’s priorities.

“As far as Paykan pick-up is no longer produced and OHV engine production is halved, the production of EF7 engine has increased to 400 sets, while TU5 engines are supposed to increase to 1200 sets on a daily basis,” he declared.

Kondori also mentioned that IKCO in cooperation with SAPCO is going to upgrade TU5 engine, which will be produced this spring. The process is supposed to improve engine’s fuel economy and standard.

“EF7 engine is mounted on our best product, IKCO Dena, which is backed by our customers as the polling reports confirm,” said the IKCO Deputy CEO for Part and Component Production, and added, “IKCO TU3 engine is produced locally and is less thirsty compared to TU5 engine.”

Recalling the market demand and the standard requirements, Kondori claimed, “We planned to make more TU engines last year and we even made around 900 engines a day. However, TU engines enjoy a high-tech system and their production is quite complicated.”

IKCO Deputy CEO also stated that the share of XU7 engine from IKCO engine portfolio has decreased from 1100 sets to 900 and this trend will be the same in this Iranian year as well.”

By Fars News Agency