‘Friendly message’ for Mahak children

A painting exhibition curated by Tara Behbahani to raise funds for cancer patients collected a record-breaking 450 million rials ($13,550) in two days.
‘A Friendly Message,’ the title of the humanitarian expo held last week at MAHAK Charity Institute in cooperation with the charity, showcased works by 67 of Behbahani’s young disciples, ISNA reported. The event, in particular, organized for youth to express compassion and empathy, was “quite successful in accomplishing that end,” said the curator who has been dedicated to the cause of cancer for nearly a decade.
She said modern life is intertwined with communications technology and its rapid advancements.”The younger generation must learn that digital technology should not make us forget about social problems and that it can be put to humanitarian use.”
The event was attended by nearly 1,400 visitors and provided a platform for young artists “to take a positive step in helping their cancer-stricken brethren.” The participants comprised 6-14 year-olds trained by Behbahani in her personal style in oil painting. The exhibition was completely sold out.
What sets the exhibition apart from other charitable events is its continuity through the last nine years since 2006, that gives it special artistic value, and signifies Behbahani’s endurance.

 Great Support
The Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer widely known by its acronym in Farsi – MAHAK – was founded in 1991 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization. In over two decades, it has attracted increasing public support and fulfilled a great part of its mission to provide support for children with cancer, thus reducing child mortality rates and empowering (or creating an environment that empowers) the families of children who suffer from cancer.
Behbahani is a painter and art researcher and has learned painting from her father Taha Behbahani, a prominent contemporary artist in Iran. She has participated in several exhibitions within and outside the country. She studied art and mathematics and her papers in Islamic and eastern art are published in various articles and magazines. She has also attended various conferences and biennales as a researcher and speaker. For the past 12 years she has been teaching painting to youth and children, training and nurturing their creativity.

By Financial Tribune