Chinese assured of continued presence in Iran auto industry

Shanghai, April 23, IRNA – While experts and activists in the field of auto industry are doubtful about continued Chinese cooperation with Iran in the industry, Chinese themselves consider lifting of the sanctions will provide a new opportunity for the continuation of their presence.

Since the presence of the Chinese firms in the Iranian auto market, never they had been so much assured about continuation of their presence in the Iran and they emphasis they will be ready for a serious competition with their auto competitors in the Iranian market.

Given the international sanctions and withdrawal of foreign automakers from Iran, since four years ago the Chinese were provided with an opportunity to enter into the Iranian auto market and soon found out that in order to remain in this market they have to promote the quality of their products rapidly.

Although experts believe that Chinese vehicles which are being manufactured in the country can meet the demands of the consumers both in terms of appearance and price, however with the arrival of the world automakers manufacture of new cars with appropriate prices has been started in the country which might not be beneficial for the Chinese.

On the other hand, managing director of Lifan Company on the sidelines of the Chinese auto exhibition told reporters that they had a positive look at the Swiss statement and the possible agreement between Iran and 5+1 as it will cause currency stability, increase in financial transfers and finally development of trade between Iran and other countries.

Mark Timber further remarked that lifting of sanctions will develop relations between Lifan and the Iranian partners, adding that the Chinese automaker has a long presence in Iran and has been encountered with many ups and downs but has gained good achievements which are considered as appropriate support for competition with other competitors under the new Iran conditions.

He said nuclear agreement will definitely accelerate the volume of the Iranian auto market and this will increase the share of each automaker and stressed that they are not concerned about presence of other competitors in this market.

Timber noted that due to the sanctions they were unable to make that much of investment they desired, expressing the hope that with the lifting of sanctions they can make the required investment in Iran.