Tehran-Kabul friendship not to harm any third party

Kabul, April 21, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman of Afghanistan Ahmad Shakib Mostaqni on Tuesday stressed independence of his country’s foreign policy and said that Iran-Afghanistan close ties and friendship is not to harm any other country.

Mostaqni who was briefing the media in his weekly meeting with reporters said that Afghanistan’s foreign policy paves a certain path and relations with friendly countries are not going to harm any other state.

‘Some citizens and political commentators believed the recent visit of the president of Afghanistan to Iran was not to the benefit of this country, arguing that such countries as Saudi Arabia and the United States which pursue antagonist policies against Iran might be harmed due to further closeness between the two neighboring countries,’ said the diplomat.

The Afghan foreign ministry spokesman stressed that such beliefs are erroneous, as Afghanistan’s relations with each country in the world is independent from its ties with the rest of the world countries.