NIGTC seeking modernizing infrastructures

TEHRAN April 21(Shana)– National Iranian Gas Transmission Company (NIGTC) plans to implement a modern system named physical management of assets, managing director of NIGTC, Mohammad Ali Emam said.

Speaking to Shana, the NIGTC official said, to this end, industrial accounting and finding finished price of activities are among the important factors.
He continued: “Gathering information about 136 gas pressure stations, 62 thousand km of pipeline and thousands valve stations in 2025 require establishment of modern data transfer infrastructures including optical fibers systems.

“We are seeking to modernize data transferring methods so that they take the place of satellite”, he told Shana.
According to him, NIGTC needs both young and experienced talented workforce to realize the great targets it plans to achieve in coming years.

Currently NIGTC is in charge of management of 34 thousand km of gas pipelines from 2 to 56 inches, 72 gas pressure stations and 36 operating centers.

Iran’s gas transfer capacity is planned to rise to 1 bcm/d over the next three years and 1.1 bcm/d in 2025.