Iran-Oman ties to boost regional security

Muscat: Mutual co-operation between Iran and Oman in various areas has significantly contributed to regional security and stability, said Iran’s military attaché to the Sultanate in Muscat on Sunday.

“The relationship between Iran and Oman is based on brotherhood and friendship, and it is reflected in the establishment of the joint friendly military committee between the two countries and the joint naval exercises,” noted Captain Mahmoud Reza Shamsaei, Iran’s military attaché to the Sultanate.

He was speaking during a function at the Iranian Embassy in Muscat on Sunday, held to commemorate Iran’s National Armed Forces Day, which is observed on April 18 every year.

The event was attended by Iranian Ambassador Ali Akbar Sibeveih and a number of Iranian and Omani officials as well as ambassadors and representatives of several countries.

Strong ties
In his speech, Capt Shamsaei also hailed the exchange of cadets and visits by officials of the two countries, adding that Oman’s co-operation has led to the successful tasks by the navy and the army of the Islamic Republic.

The official said that since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran has always stated that regional countries should themselves maintain the security of the region in co-operation with each other, as they are all in the same boat and closer relations between them can make the region more secure. “We proudly announce that since the last 200 years we have not invaded any country but have always stood firm in the face of any aggressor,” said Iran’s military attaché.

Capt Shamsaei further noted that Iranian military forces have reached ‘self-sufficiency’ in a wide number of areas thanks to their spirit of responsibility, innovation and professionalism and have always sought to convey the message of peace and friendship to other countries.

He also extended his thanks to Omani officials and the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces for their support, expressing the hope that peace, prosperity and security would prevail all over the world.

This article was written by Elham Pourmohammadi for Times of Oman on April 20, 2015.