No limitations acceptable on Iran nuclear industry: Spokesman

Tehran, April 20, IRNA – Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Bahrouz Kamalvandi said there are no limitations acceptable for Iran’s nuclear industry.

Talking to reporters on Monday, he said that the publication of a fact sheet by Americans on the nuclear negotiations in Switzerland was a mistake.

That will eventually work against their interests, he said.

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has already gained what it sought for.

He said now it is time for consolidating and reinforcing the achievements of the country.

He said big powers were certainly disinclined to admit Iran’s capabilities and still cherish the fanciful thought that they could rob the nation from its power and potential.

However, he added, those who are familiar with the technical aspect of issue are well aware this is not the capability many own and it is exclusive to few in the world.

Such a capability not only brings dignity but power and might to a country, the official said.

Kamalvandi said for any big power to gain a mighty position in the world, it is necessary to possess technology and industry, with the nuclear ones coming at the top of them.