FM official: National unity, key to successful Iraq transition

Tehran, April 20, IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said unity and national solidarity are the key for Iraq to pass through a successful transition period.

The official made the remarks here on Monday in a meeting with the visiting Secretary General of Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) Mohammad Faraj Ahmad Aziz.

He stressed the importance of ties between Iran and Iraq and said unity and solidarity are the only way for Iraq to overcome the present conditions.

Underlining the importance of stability and security in Iraq, he stressed the continuous and all-out support of Iran for the Iraqi government and nation in fighting terrorism.

He further highlighted Iran’s friendly relations with all Iraqis and said Iran’s principle policy in Iraq was to support its unity and territorial sovereignty, good neighborly relations and promoting security and stability in the country.

Just the same way that Iran rushed to the help of Iraq’s central government against terrorism and the Daesh criminals, it equally responded to the requests of the Iraqi Kurdistan.

Abdollahian welcomed continuing talks and exchange of views with Iraqi Kurds on issues pertaining to the Islamic world.

Ahmad Aziz hailed Iran’s key role in the region and thanked Tehran for its effective, speedy and timely assistance to confront Daesh and other terrorist groups.

Outlining the present complicated situation in Iraq, he underscored the need for national dialogue, understanding and cooperation among all Iraqi tribes and nationals in confronting terrorism.

The Kurd official also referred to the security in Iraq and Iran as two inseparable issues which stemmed from their historical and religious background.

Pointing to the capabilities of his party, he voiced readiness to adopt joint initiatives with Iran to safeguard interests of Iran.