Rouhani: Iranian armed forces seek security, peace in Mideast

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated on Saturday that Iranian armed forces are after peace and security in the region.

“The armed forces (of Iran) are after peace and security in the region,” he said in his speech on National Army Day.

“Iranian armed forces are the mightiest armed forces in the region because of their self-esteem, innovation and self-reliance. But the forces are after peace and security not aggression and attack on the oppressed and children.

Rouhani noted that Iranian armed forces always defend the oppressed. The Iranian Army wants peace in the region.

Iranian President also stressed that Iran’s doctrine is only for defense purposes. “Our strategy is deterrence strategy. Deterrence for establishing peace and security in Iran and the Middle East.”

He said Iranian Navy’s presence in high seas aims to provide security for coastal countries and international waters and no one is worried about Iranian presence in high seas.