Issue of delivering S-300 missile defense system to Iran solved – Tehran

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan hopes the Russia-Iran contract will take on an operational aspect.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The issue of delivering Russian S-300 missile defense systems to Tehran has been solved, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Thursday.

“The issue is solved,” Dehghan said in response to the possible delivery of the missile defense systems.

“Six years ago we signed a contract with Russia and some of the points of the contract will comply with these conditions. We hope that this contract will take on an operational aspect,” he said.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin revived the deal on the delivery of S-300 missile systems to Tehran, suspended in 2010 after the UN Security Council introduced sanctions against Iran over concerns it was developing nuclear weapons.

The following day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Putin in a phone conversation that the delivery of the S-300s would undermine stability in the Middle East and increase Tehran’s “belligerence.”

On April 2, Iran and six world powers, including Russia, China and the United States, agreed on a framework for a deal to ensure the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, which involves a gradual phasing out of sanctions against Tehran.

The final agreement between Iran and the international mediators is set to be achieved by June 30, 2015.

By Sputnik News