Pourdastan: Iran should be prepared for proxy wars

Tehran, April 15, IRNA – Commander of Ground Forces of Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmadreza Pourdastan said on Wednesday that the issue of proxy war is gaining momentum and Iran should be well prepared for it.

Speaking ar a special ceremony to unveil the latest technological achievements of the ground forces, he said ‘We are now facing new forms of threats and should prepare the grounds for upgrading our defense capabilities,’

Daesh Takfiri and Boko Haram terrorist groups backed by US are now committing crimes, he said.

‘A proxy war in Yemen is also ragig on. The country has been hit by a dastardly coalition and we should make ourselves ready for such a proxy war,’ said the commander.

‘We have reviewed the situation and prepared ourselves,’ he said.

Recent war games in the east and south-west Iran were designed based on a proxy wars, he said.

To enter into a proxy war, the combat readiness of the armed forces should be increased and mostly focused on training of elite forces, protection and firing power, he said.