Commander rules out inspection of Iran’s military sites

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior Iranian commander vehemently rejected the idea of foreign access to the country’s military sites.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said attempts to portray inspection of Iran’s military sites as necessary are an act of psychological operation waged by the US officials and media.

The commander called on Iran’s media to avoid republishing the “big lie”.

“What is quoted from officials in the US administration or Congress or members of that country’s (nuclear) negotiating team about inspection of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military sites is totally unfounded and … not even worthy of answering ,” the commander noted.

Jazayeri made it clear that access to the country’s military sites is one of Iran’s red lines, stressing that the Iranian nuclear negotiators are also quite aware of this.

In relevant comments on April 9, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei categorically rejected foreign access to the country’s “security and defensive” sectors under the pretext of nuclear monitoring.

In their latest round of talks on April 2, Iran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) reached a framework nuclear agreement after more than a week of intensive negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland, with both sides committed to push for a final, comprehensive accord until the end of June.

The framework provides a series of solutions that will be the basis of a comprehensive joint plan of action.

By Tasnim News Agency