Afkham urges Saudis to follow Jeddah case with high sensitivity

Tehran, April 15, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham urged the Saudi government to follow up the incident in Jeddah airport with high sensitivity and zeal.

Talking to reporters during her weekly press briefing, she said the whole Muslim community is showing sensitivity to what happened in Jeddah Airport.

She said the Saudi government has to deal with the case and punish the culprits responsible for the incident according to its own regulations.

She noted that this was the demand of Iran which has been made clear in vivid terms.

According to Afkham, necessary measures have been taken by the Iranian Embassy in Riyadh and Tehran has made its political demands clear to Saudi officials.

Answering a question about a bill at the US Congress on monitoring a nuclear agreement with Iran, she said that according to the internatioanl rules, Iran is dealing with the governments in the talks because they are the ones that are charged with undertaking commitments made by any probable agreements.

The spokeswoman further said the bill is a matter of domestic concern for the US.

As for the report by an Israeli reporter about Iran, she said he traveled to Iran not as a reporter but as a tourist holding an American passport.

He had done no reporting job inside the country, she said, stressing any misuse of his articles is a different issue.

Commenting on the re-opening of the British embassy in Tehran, the foreign ministry spokesperson noted that neogtiaions were underway, with charges d’affaires travelling between the two capitals to prepare the ground for reopening of the embassy.

She said the issue calls for expert considerations.