Rouhani says ‘tough road’ ahead of final nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says there is a “tough road ahead” of a final deal between the Islamic Republic and global powers on Tehran’s nuclear program, warning that the Iranian government and nation will not bow to pressure.

In a joint meeting of his administration and parliament on Sunday, Rouhani said that Iran regards the recent agreement as only the beginning of a long and complicated road to a comprehensive deal.

“In these negotiations, we agreed on solutions and we have very tough road ahead before reaching the final outcome,” Rouhani said.

The Iranian president further warned the Western powers that they must stick to their commitments in case a permanent agreement is achieved.

“The assumption that the US and the EU are big powers and therefore can do anything is wrong. And their reputation and prestige would be jeopardized in case they violate their commitments,” Rouhani said, adding “Our diplomats, legal expert, and politicians are formidable and the other side could not overpower us.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (L) shakes hands with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani ahead of a joint meeting in Tehran on April 12, 2015. (

Rouhani said the world has come to realize that the Iranian nation and government would in no way yield to pressure in nuclear negotiations, adding “the other side clearly knows that this government and nation are not used to submissiveness.”

The president further vowed that his administration would do its best to safeguard all the Iranian nations’ rights including the right to nuclear technology.

Iran and P5+1 group of countries – Russia, China, France, Britain, the US and Germany – reached a mutual understanding on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in Switzerland. The two sides are expected to start drafting a final inclusive deal which they seek to sign by the end of June.

By Press TV