Hakim: Yemen events last nail on coffin of regional cooperation

Baghdad, April 11, IRNA – Yemen events are the last nail on the coffin of regional cooperation, said the Chairman of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Parliament Seyyed Ammar Al Hakim here on Saturday.

‘Ears had better be opened to hear the sound of logic, not for the roaring of the canons, since the cannons and the munition cannot be the harbingers of peace and stability in the region and therefore the Yemen developments can mark the last nail on the coffin of regional development,’ said Hakim in a birth anniversary ceremony for Lady Fatimah (P).

Hakim proposed that rather than speaking through the gun barrels with a nation that demands its legitimate rights the policy of smiling and holding dialogues aimed at solving the crisis works a lot better as the Middle East region is today in need of moderate approaches and rationalism, not extremism and militarism.

Rejecting unilateral policies such as those of the Zionist regime, the Saudi regime and those of the United States, he said that such policies might somehow work in the short run, but in the long run they would lead to further instability and deterioration of regional security.

He also stressed that the Takfiri terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, which is the religion of peace, love and friendship.