Europe train tourists on Iran odyssey

The third luxury tourist train carrying European, American and Asian visitors has rolled into Iran on an odyssey from Budapest, an official said on Thursday. 

The Golden Eagle Danube Express crossed the Razi crossing point on the Turkish border at 11:30 hours local time, provincial railroad CEO Hassan Mousavi said.

They are traveling in two eastbound and westbound groups.

The first group of 72 visitors will be visiting the Iranian cities of Tabriz, Zanjan, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz aboard the train before arriving in Tehran to fly back to Budapest.

The second group of 56 passengers will arrive in Tehran on a flight and will travel to those cities on board the luxury train before making their way back to Hungary’s capital through Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

The Jewels of Persia journey is part of Iran’s plan to promote its tourism industry. Operators of the train, modeled around the 19th century Orient Express, are surprised by the popularity which the lavish experience has found.

The travelers are served both Iranian and foreign cuisine on their trip.

Iranian officials are expecting a tourism boom, thanks to the ancient country’s treasure trove of historical and archaeological sites.

As many as 16 destinations in the vast country are registered as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

By Press TV