Leader urges Iranians to use domestic products

Tehran, April 8, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has urged Iranians to use domestic goods instead of foreign commodities to attain the ideal of self-sufficiency.

He made the remark in a meeting with the people of Azarbaijan province on February 18. The report of the meeting was published in the leader’s website on Wednesday.

According to the website, the Supreme Leader said, “I have been stressing for several years and highlighting economic issues in the beginning of each year.”

During his speech, the ayatollah highlighted many points including consuming domestic products.

‘I have repeated this many times in the speeches that I delivered in the beginning and other times of the year. In the present time too, I would like to say it to you. People should use domestic products. They should not go after foreign products.

‘Nowadays, it is common to talk about ‘foreign brands’. They say that such and such a thing is a brand. What is a brand? You should use domestic products. The people of Iran should not use foreign products, especially those products whose Iranian versions exist.

‘They should use them in a completely zealous way. I am not only addressing this to a particular group of people. Well, when we say this, a group of religious people immediately listen and they send us messages asking if they should use such and such a foreign product. So, I am not only saying this to religious individuals and to those who listen to us because of religious reasons.

‘I am addressing this to any person who is interested in Iran and the future of the country. I am addressing this to those who think about the future of their children because they are the ones who will live in this country in the future.

‘When you use foreign products, you are actually helping foreign companies, workers and manufactures to increase their products. This will harm domestic production and it will lead to its failure. I am saying this to all the people, particularly those who are big consumers. This also includes government officials and employees. They too should use domestic products in their buildings and for their different needs.”