Iran’s trading volume hits $100 billion

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s trading volume rose by $100 billion over the last Iranian calendar year, (ended on March 21, 2015).

Iran’s exports and imports respectively totaled 98.416 and 41.234 million tons over the mentioned period.

The country’s exports and imports respectively hit $49.744 and 52.477 billion.

Iran’s exported goods rose by 4.83 percent and 18.87 percent respectively in terms of weight and value comparing to similar period in the year before.

Iran sold $14.5 billion of gas condensations, $14.241 billion of petrochemicals and $21.497 billion of other goods which rose by 36, 32 and 4 percent comparing to similar period last year.

China, Iraq, the UAE, India and Afghanistan were the key markets for Iran’s goods respectively importing $9.159, $6.183, $3.932, $2.441 and $2.388 billion.

China, the UAE, South Korea, Turkey and India have been the main importers of goods to Iran over the said period.