Berlin defends Lausanne accord amid Israeli criticism

Berlin, April 8, IRNA — Germany strongly defended the Lausanne framework agreement amid the Israeli criticism, saying it was a ‘ very good basis’ for reaching a final comprehensive nuclear accord with Iran.

Talking at a weekly news conference in Berlin on Wednesday, deputy foreign ministry spokeswoman Sawsan Chebli said many questions which were unanswered had been clarified in Lausanne and this was a ‘very good basis’ for reaching an agreement by June when the deadline for a final deal expires.

She reiterated the Lausanne agreement yielded a ‘very good result’ and was a ‘decisive step forward’.

Chebli noted the fact that Iran did agree to the Lausanne parameters signaled also Tehran’s interest in resolving the nuclear issue.

Addressing specific Israeli criticism of the Lausanne accord, Chebli stressed no country had ever been subjected to so many comprehensive controls over its nuclear program like Iran did.