Italy wants to come to terms with Iran

Rome, April 7, IRNA – Italian foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Tuesday that Italian government welcomes Lausanne statement about the nuclear dispute and that Italy wants to come to terms with Iran.

In an interview with Italian daily, Courier de la Sera, on Tuesday, Gentiloni said that by the framework agreement reached in Lausanne, the primary principles have been achieved.

Gentiloni said that the Italian government favored to come to terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran. ‘I agree with the US view that they have reached the primary principles.’

He expressed hope that nuclear agreement to be finalized and added that in case of agreement on June 30. it would help Iran’s stability.

Following the framework deal reached in Lausanne, Switzerland, Gentiloni said that Iran and the western governments achieved the goal to settle the nuclear dispute and it is possible to reach a comprehensive and final agreement.

He added that Italy always welcomed reaching an agreement with Iran to guarantee peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

‘Italy appreciated commitments of all sides in the negotiations especially the US, Iran and role of Federica Mogherini, EU foreign policy chief.’