Iran’s coverage: Lausanne statement good sign in nuclear issue: Larijani

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Top MP: Lausanne statement bodes well for Iran nuclear case

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said Monday what the government has done this year for the nuclear issue offers a bright prospect for the country, adding that the Lausanne statement is a good sign when it comes to the settlement of Iran’s nuclear dispute.


Ranking negotiator: Iran-US non-nuclear differences still alive

Director General for Political Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry and nuclear negotiator Hamid Baeidinejad reiterated on Monday that despite a preliminary understanding over how to end their nuclear standoff, Tehran and Washington still hold their major differences over a set of other strategic and regional issues.


Energy secretary: Iran deal blocks pathways to bomb

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said that the framework for a nuclear deal with Iran addresses every way the country could possibly get a nuclear weapon and gives the international community “unprecedented access and transparency” to Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.


Iran: Saudi aggression against Yemen targets Islamic Ummah

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Saudi aggression against Yemen has targeted the Islamic Ummah (the Islamic World).


Top negotiator urges critics to trust negotiating team

 Senior Iranian negotiator Hamid Baidinejad on Monday urged critics of negotiations to trust the negotiating team.


Moniz: US to lift sanctions when Iran complies with nuclear restrictions

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz says Washington would lift all sanctions imposed against Iran only when Tehran complies with the core nuclear restrictions.


Foreigners to flood Iran market

The head of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) has said that foreign financiers are expected to flock to Iran’s market after a nuclear deal is finalized with six world powers.

Iran actively taking action to stop Yemen war: Official

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is actively taking action to stop Saudi Arabia’s military assault against Yemen by focusing on political solutions and dispatching humanitarian aid.


Oil prices up more than $1, potential Iran deal impact seen taking months

Oil prices rose more than $1 a barrel in early Asian trade on Monday, as last week’s framework deal between Iran and global powers on Tehran’s nuclear program offers little chance for any significant increase in exports until 2016.


Obama defends Iran deal as ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity

President Barack Obama staunchly defended a framework nuclear agreement with Iran as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to prevent a bomb and bring longer-term stability to the Middle East. He insisted the U.S. would stand by Israel if it were to come under attack, but acknowledged that his pursuit of diplomacy with Tehran has caused strain with the close ally.