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Italian MP: President Rouhani is the winner in nuclear agreement

Rome, April 4, IRNA – A member of Italian parliament said President Hassan Rouhani has changed the course of Iran’s history and is the winner of the nuclear deal made in Lausanne.

Talking to IRNA, Massimo Bray said the understanding reached in Lausanne can be called a big victory for President Rouhani who had committed himself to do that since the beginning and proved that he had the ability to keep his promises.

‘The fact that Iranian men and women joyfully poured into the streets shows that the nation wanted such an outcome and I think the deal was historic and can open the way for peace.’

The Italian MP said, ‘A big opportunity has been created and should not be missed. The road to the peace in the Middle East passes through Iran and agreement with Iran opens the way to the peace and I think that the West is also interested in reaching an agreement.’

‘Placing trust in Iran means believing the fact that peace in the Middle East is attainable. Iran is a country which defends the values of democracy and peace.’

Massimo also said,’ In my first visit to Tehran as the minister of culture, I met with Foreign Minister Zarif who seemed to be a benevolent and far-sighted man. In Rome, I also hosted Iran’s Minister of Culture Ali jannati.’

On West’s sanctions against Iran, Massimo said,’ Unfortunately, there is a prejudgment on Iran which has prevented the West to solve the problem of sanctions in the past. We should realize that Iran has a mature democracy and President Rouhani has really been able to change the course.’

‘Dialog is the best way we should take together, and I think presuppositions and bigotry are wrong and the West should try to recognize Iran carefully,’ said the Italian lawmaker.


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