Iran’s coverage: Iranian FM to brief MPs on Lausanne statement

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Foreign Minister to brief MPs on Lausanne statement

Spokesman of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Seyyed Hossein Naghavi said Saturday that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is to appear before the committee Sunday to offer explanation to deputies and respond to their questions about the joint statement.

‘Recognition of enrichment right greatest outcome of N-talks’

Iran’s senior negotiator has said the greatest achievement of Lausanne’s statement was that now the world respects Iran’s right to nuclear program.

Egypt hopes Iran nuclear deal to boost stability in Middle East

Egypt believes that the framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group has a potential to bring stability to the Middle East.

French car makers eager to join Iranian market

Lifting sanctions on Iran would allow French car makers specially Renault and Peugeot to resume their activities in Iran.

National unity to help negotiating team in drafting of final nuclear deal: Iran’s president

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said unified positions inside Iran will embolden the country’s negotiators in the process of drafting a comprehensive nuclear deal with world powers, as the two sides have defined the outlines of that long-awaited agreement.


Lebanese leader hails success of nuclear talks

Deputy Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah Sheikh Naeem Ghassem said on Saturday that success of nuclear talks marks a victory for resistance to Israeli occupation.

Iran says EU to benefit most once sanctions lifted

The prospects for the lifting of sanctions against Iran in light of the Thursday success of the country to reach mutual understanding over solutions toward a final nuclear deal had already triggered speculations that that world businesses will soon prepare for a much-awaited gold rush to Tehran.


Obama phones Persian Gulf states to discuss Iran deal, regional stability

US President Barack Obama got on the phone with the leaders of the Arab Gulf states to discuss the framework nuclear deal reached with Iran two days ago.


Russia’s role in Iran nuclear deal ‘very helpful’ – US State Department

US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said Russia played an important role in reaching the framework agreement with Iran over its nuclear program.

Iran-P5+1 deal helps boost China-US ties: Chinese FM

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says a mutual understanding reached between Iran and the P5+1 countries in Switzerland will also help boost relations between China and the United States, China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.