NY Times: Any attack on Iran an invitation to disaster

Tehran, March 30, IRNA – A leading US newspaper wrote Monday that any calls to attack Iran is an “irresponsible invitation to disaster.”

“American or Israeli bombs on Persia (or both) would have all sorts of ghastly consequences, but the fundamental argument against such folly is that they would cause no more than a hiccup in Iran’s nuclear program, the Op-Ed columnist, Roger Cohen, wrote in his latest article in the New York Times today.

Referring to Iran as a “hopeful and youthful society,” Cohen said, “Nurture the hope. Don’t imprison it.”

Touching upon current nuclear talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 which is underway in the Swiss city of Lausanne, Cohen said, “…it is the best conceivable outcome of protracted talks aching any agreement is not against US opposition with Iran’s role in the region.”

US has already proved that it can deal with the countries that had fundamental ideological differences with the United States like when it resumed relations with China in the 1970s.

‘…the chance of positive developments is enhanced by contact and diminished by punitive estrangement of Tehran,” Cohen argued.