Grand ayatollah criticizes int’l silence on Yemen invasion

Qom, March 30, IRNA – A high-ranking religious scholar in the city of Qom criticized silence of international forums over Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen.

In a statement released on Monday a copy of which was received by IRNA, Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi said once again another Muslim country is being destroyed by Muslims themselves and their own money. Yesterday, Libya and Syria and a great part of Iraq were ruined and today it is Yemen’s turn.

Big powers which consider a powerful Islam as the biggest obstacle on their illegitimate interests have made this astonishing scenario in which they sit by and provoke Muslims against each other and demolish their countries with their own hands, read the statement.

Elsewhere in the statement, the grand ayatollah strongly criticized international circles and the United Nations for their silence and the Arab League which ‘openly encourages Muslims to destroy their own countries’.

The ayatollah said Yemen problem is an internal issue in which the majority of people have risen against a corrupt government and the most reasonable policy is helping Yemenis to solve their problems and to settle their difference with negotiations.

Ayatollah Makarem also warned Saudi Arabia rulers that if they do not try to put out the Yemen fire, either Yemeni revolutionaries will gain victory, or the war continues for years and ruins the two countries.

Saudi Arabia started a military aggression against Yemen last Thursday in which many innocent civilians have lost their lives so far and a lot of damage has been inflicted on Yemen.


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