Zarif: Partner zealously engaged in talks

Lausanne, March 28, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Saturday that by having political intention possibility to reach a solution, there would exist and by having two meetings with foreign ministers of Germany and France, ‘I feel the other side entered discussion by desire, too.’

Zarif on Saturday afternoon told reporters that his meetings with German and French counterparts were ‘very good ‘ and added that now ‘We have a better understanding for disputed issues.’

He continued, ‘ We had good discussions with German and French counterparts and considering desire of counterparts to have a direct role both in settlement and in future, good points were presented that how works can be put in forward and solve the problems.’

He said, ‘We had good discussions with Steinmeier and Fabius and now we have a better understanding on issues and I think by common understanding we can move toward a solution.’