Rouhani reviews nuclear talks, regional events with Putin, Hollande

Tehran, March 26, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani discussed nuclear talks and regional developments with his Russian and French counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande, respectively.

During separate phone conversations on Thursday, he outlined Iran’s views regarding nuclear negotiations.

He stressed the need for observing mutual respect and ultimate removal of sanctions as the most important components of any move towards developing a final solution.

He also talked about the military assault against Yemen.

Talking to Putin, he expressed his views on the process of nuclear talks and urged participating countries to use the existing chance to further negotiations given the fact that certain pressures groups might try to hinder a nuclear agreement.

He said Iran expected Russia, as a friendly neighboring country, to take more serious steps in this regard and play and play a more decisive role in the negotiations.

President Rouhani also touched upon the military aggression against Yemen and stressed the unity and stability of Yemen through emergence of broad-based government.

Noting that situation in Yemen now is different from a few months ago and said people there are now experiencing a popular revolution so their demands should be taken into consideration.

President Putin voiced condolences over the passing away of President Rouhani’s mother.

He said nuclear negotiations have been good so far, stressing that attempts should continue until development of a final agreement.

He said Moscow has always been for any action which would lead to a final agreement.

On Yemen developments, he said Russia was against any military invasions because it was not a constructive solution to the problems in the country.

President Putin said Russia supported unity and territorial integrity of Yemen and advocated dialogue among parties involved in the crisis.

He stressed that Moscow will continue with exchanging views with Iran on nuclear talks and regional developments.

In his phone conversation with Hollande, he talked about Iran’s views about the nuclear negotiations and hoped they will be of positive outcome.

Referring to France’s 12 years of presence in talks, he said Paris was expected to play an active role in talks which held foil plot of enemies to see France as passive in the process of talks.

As for Yemen developments, he said there is no military solution to the problem in that country.

President Rouhani said foreign interventions would be very dangerous and only add to the scale of the crisis.

Hollande too expressed condolences to President Rouhani over the death of his mother and said his country is ready to expand relations with Iran.

He said France supported talks among parties involved in the crisis to find a final solution to the problem.