Rouhani urges all Iranians to reify New Year’s slogan

TEHRAN, Mar. 25 (MNA) – In his very first cabinet meeting in the New Year, President Rouhani has called on everyone to intensify efforts to fully actualize the new Iranian year’s slogan on ‘Harmony and Unanimity’ between people and the government.

While pointing to the naming of the new Iranian year as “The Year of the Government and the People, Harmony and Unanimity” by the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, President Rouhani addressed his cabinet and added, “there must always exist harmony and unanimity among the government in its general sense and the people as the true rightful owners of the country.”

Rouhani deemed constructive criticism as another form of support for the government and said anyone who criticizes for the sole reason of improving the status quo is in fact demonstrating support.

“In the last year, the anti-Iranian sanctions continued, the oil prices dropped drastically and the region suffered from insecurity and instability, yet despite all these hardships the country’s statistics show hopeful results,” said Rouhani, referring to the country’s 20 percent budget growth, and a relative stability in Iran’s economy.

Rouhani also called the new Iranian year as the year of ‘domestic production boost.’

By Mehr News Agency