Nuclear deal with Iran will boost regional peace: Pakistani diplomat

Nuclear deal with Iran will boost regional peace: Pak diplomat

Islamabad – An established Pakistani diplomat said Wednesday that the emerging nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers – known as the P5+1 – will result in boosting peace and stability in the region.

Speaking to IRNA, Masood Khan, the director general of the Islamabad-based Institute of Strategic Studies, said that Pakistan, as a neighboring and friendly country, wants Iran nuclear talks to produce good results.

‘We well know that how hard Iran has worked in order for these talks to bear fruit,’ said Khan.

Masood Khan, a former Pakistan UN envoy and the country’s former ambassador to China, underlined that Iran and the P5+1 have to make every effort to clinch a deal, which he said is most needed by the international community, particularly in the current situation.

The diplomat also said that signing a deal with Tehran would help relations between Iran and the US thaw which will be to the benefit of all regional countries.

Iran and the US have taken major steps in nuclear talks, Khan said, adding that Iran is a key regional power and that improvement of relations between Tehran and the West could significantly affect the peace across the region.

Asked about concerns of certain regional countries over a deal between Tehran and the six world powers, he said that there was no need for concern as the deal to be signed with the five permanent members of the United Nations that know what to do and will never do something that will damage the interests of their regional allies.

By Kashmir Watch