Zimbabwe: ‘Zim, Iran can benefit from ICT Co-operation’

Flags of Iran & Zimbabwe

Flags of Iran & Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe and Iran stand to benefit if they utilise opportunities offered by information communication technology, Iranian ambassador Mr Mohammad Amin Nejad has said.

He made the remarks after paying a courtesy call on Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira yesterday.

“Minister Mandiwanzira is in the same feeling that we have so many opportunities and potentialities in both countries and we can strengthen our cooperation in this very important field in today’s life,” said Mr Nejad.

“We spoke about the infrastructure, education, about research, and in all these things we know that we have many positives, potentialities and capacities to bring together and strengthen our friendly relations.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said his ministry was promoting investment and research in the ICT sector to ensure the country benefited from its cooperation with friendly countries.

“This is one field where we can find opportunities to cooperate,” he said. “We believe that our ICT industry is in its infancy and we do need a lot of skills in that area.

“We believe that some of your universities, some of your educational institutions, some of your research institutions can provide a platform for Zimbabweans so that they can learn.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said it was important for Zimbabwean business people to explore cooperation opportunities with the Iranians given the two countries’ long standing relationship.

He said the onslaught on Harare and Tehran by the West cemented relations between the two countries to the extent that they considered availing opportunities to each other first before engaging the West.

The United States has started negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme with the intention of easing the embargo if the two countries reach an agreement.

“One of the things that normally happen when countries are engaged in those kind of discussions is that those who would have imposed sanctions see an opportunity for business in Iran or with Iran and they will be the first ones to go in and explore those opportunities,” said Minister Mandiwanzira.

“There is an advantage because of our special relationship. We are countries that have been under sustained illegal sanctions together and that has helped in bonding our two nations.

“We must be alert as Zimbabweans to the opportunities that are available in terms of doing business with Iran because those that have put sanctions on Iran once they remove them they will rush to grab these opportunities.

“So, we want our business people to be aware and alert and begin to look into those kinds of opportunities.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said Zimbabwe had a lot to learn from Iran’s experience on how to withstand the social media onslaught from the West.

By All Africa