Iran pursuing plans to attract foreign investors to free zones

Iran's top presidential advisor Akbar Torkan

Iran’s top presidential advisor Akbar Torkan

TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Presidential Advisor Akbar Torkan said Iran has paved the way for attracting more investments to the country’s free trade zones through two scenarios.

“There are two scenarios for attracting foreign investment to Iran’s free zones; one is continuing our present moves despite the existing restrictions, and the second one is expediting the presence of foreign investors in Iran’s projects if Tehran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) strike a final agreement,” Torkan, who is also the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, said.

He noted that many foreign investors have shown interest in investing in Iran’s free zones, and said, “A number of foreign investors have applied for investment in Aras and Maku free zones.”

Torkan announced that a new free trade zone has been set up in Ardebil province, and said, “This region can play a very effective role in expanding Iran’s trade relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

In September, Torkan underscored the fruitfulness of free zones for the country’s economy, and informed that Tehran is resolved to establish new free trade zones at borders to grow job creation and foreign trade with the neighboring nations.

Torkan said that border regions of Inche-Boroun, Lotfabad and Duqaroun have been put on the table to become free zones.

He further evaluated establishment of new free zones as a good tool to develop trade and industrial transactions with the neighboring countries.

Referring to the policies of ‘resistant economy’ and the effective role of the country’s free zones in implementation of these policies, he said one of the most strategic aspects of the ‘resistant economy’ for the free zones is establishment of good relations with the neighboring countries.

Several free trade zones have been thus far established in Iran which play an important role in the country’s trade transactions with other states, in the meantime, they have attracted a large amount of domestic and foreign investments in various industrial and tourism sectors.

By Fars News Agency