ISIL executes 9 ‘spies’ by headshots, video shows

ISIL terrorists operating in Iraq. (file photo)

ISIL terrorists operating in Iraq. (file photo)

A newly-surfaced video has shown the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group executing nine so-called spies by headshots after forcing them to confess to espionage.

The barbarity featured in the footage takes place in an unknown location in the Middle East, The Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

The victims are shown admitting spying on the terror group’s location, movement, and armament beforehand.

They are then escorted outside by masked terrorists, who eventually carry out the killings.

The video starts with an ISIL commander, who says the group had succeeded in arresting an entire “cell’ of spies who were tasked with monitoring their locations back to their commanding officer.

The group released the 13-minute-long footage (a still from which appears below) on Tuesday apparently showing a young militant shooting and killing an Israeli man, claimed by the group to be a spy for Israel’s spy agency Mossad.

The execution video was one of several ones produced by the ISIL, starting with the beheading last August of American journalist James Foley and more recently including the burning to death of a captured Jordanian pilot and the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians.

The ISIL militants currently control parts of Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Middle East Monitor Publication reported that the ISIL executed four of its members in the Iraqi city of Mosul. According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the four were beheaded in public by an executioner wielding a sword.

By Press TV