Iranian parliament preparing statement to demand removal of all sanctions for final deal

A view of Iran's Majlis

A view of Iran’s Majlis

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian legislature is readying to issue a statement necessitating the removal of all sanctions as an indispensable part of any final nuclear agreement with with the world powers, a senior lawmaker stated on Sunday.

“A sum of 226 lawmakers have already put their signatures down the statement which lays emphasis on the inalienable rights of the Iranian nation and calls for the removal of all sanctions,” Chairman of the Parliament’s Nuclear Committee Ebrahim Karkhaneyee told FNA on Sunday.

Karkhaneyee said the statement will be submitted to the parliament’s Presiding Board in the next few days.

In their statement, the Iranian MPs have stressed the need for the removal of all sanctions, restoration of the nuclear rights of the Iranian nation and objective assurances binding the US compliance with the agreement.

Parts of the statement deals with the guidelines of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and his precautions about Washington’s deceptions.

In early February, more than 220 Iranian lawmakers had prepared and signed the bill of a law which called on the government to speed up the country’s nuclear activities in case the US imposes any further sanctions on Tehran.

“The bill requires the government to annul the Geneva Interim agreement (inked by Iran and the world powers in November 2013) and resume all its nuclear activities in case of intensified US sanctions,” Karkhaneyee told FNA at the time.

“Based on the bill, removal of all sanctions at once is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s precondition for implementation of any (possible) comprehensive nuclear deal,” he added.

By Fars News Agency