Iran respects Iraq territorial integrity, independence: Younesi

Iran President’s special aid for religious minorities Ali Younesi

Iran President’s special aid for religious minorities Ali Younesi

Tehran, March 13, IRNA — Iranian President’s Special Adviser for Ethnic Minorities Ali Younesi said on Friday that Iran respects all countries’ territorial integrity and independence and does not seek to interfere in affairs of regional governments, including Iraq.

According to al-Alam News Network, he added that Iran has never been after expansionist policies and war mongering and today it is not thinking about war and aggression.

As to certain countries’ concern over spread of Iran’s clout in Iran for its helps to Iraq, Younesi said that this is a new form of Iranophobia launched by the Zionist regime in the region.

Regional countries should concern over Zionist regime and its Atom bombs; rather than Iran’s influence in the region, he said, noting that they are also worried about Iran’s capability to help all regional states.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Younesi also added that Iran boasts of cultural, historic and civilizational commonalities with Iraq, but also with Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and other Persian Gulf littoral states.

‘We believe that regional countries can counter extra-regional expansionist policies through unity, affinity, cooperation and coordination,’ he said.

Today, Iran and Iraq which have the most cultural and religious affinities as well as other Central Asian and Persian Gulf littoral states should use them to maintain their unity against foreign enemies, he said.

President’s Special Adviser for Ethnic Minorities also described terrorists in Iraq and Syria as serious threats for all regional countries, stressing that today Iraq is targeted and tomorrow Saudi Arabia may be.