A nuclear pact will involve UNSC and make it obligatory for all

Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Sirous Nasseri

Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Sirous Nasseri

Tehran, March 12, IRNA — A nuclear agreement between Iran the major powers would include the removal of all sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council, says former Iranian nuclear negotiator Sirous Nasseri.

Therefore, the agreement will automatically be sent to the UN Security Council where it will be confirmed and registered, he told the Mehr news agency in an interview published on Wednesday.

Nasseri added that the commitment given to the agreement by the U.S. representative in the UN Security Council will automatically make it obligatory on the international stage.

Therefore, what the U.S. senators said is not viable either in terms of internal U.S. regulations, or in the international sense, Nasseri observed.

He added that an agreement between Iran and the U.S. reached on the foreign ministry level would be obligatory for the U.S. government under all circumstances since the U.S. signatory would sign the deal on behalf of the U.S. president.

Only in case the very agreement states that the implementation of the deal is relegated to confirmation from the two countries’ parliaments will the senators have a place in it.

But, since there is currently no such thing, if U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reach a deal, it would be obligatory for both governments, he concluded.