Iran, Turkey hold joint consular meeting

Flags of Iran & Turkey

Flags of Iran & Turkey

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran and Turkey held joint consular meeting on Tuesday, discussing ways to facilitate transfer of nationals and settling their problems.

The meeting was led by head of consular affairs of Iranian foreign ministry and his Turkish counterpart.

The two sides discussed consular cooperation over last year and set goals for the next year. They also conferred on problems of nationals on consular affairs and facilitating their comings and goings.

The Turkish delegation would leave Iran Tuesday evening.

Both Iran and Turkey are influential countries in the region and their closer cooperation would be crucial to end regional crises.

Iran and Turkey have been pursuing increasing widening of their ties in various fields in the last two decades. Iran is a main energy supplier to Turkey and Ankara has made huge investments in Iran.

Iran is a main destination of Turkish goods and Turkey is among the top destinations of Iranian tourists and traders.

The two states plan to multiply their trade transactions in the next few years.