Minister: Far distance no barrier in way of scientific cooperation among countries

Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi

Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi

Kish Island, March 9, IRNA – Distance between countries, linguistic diversity and cultural differences can today create no obstacle in the way of their scientific and technological cooperation, said the minister of science, research and technology on Monday.

‘Asia accounts for a major part of the world’s scientific growth, thus creating an appropriate ground for completing the missing rings of the chain of bonds among countries and preventing gaps between them from widening in the future,’ said Mohammad Farhadi, addressing the 1st International Nanotechnology Conference of Asia and Pacific.

The Iranian science minister further stressed that there are abundant opportunities for greater scientific and technological cooperation among the Asian countries and if that objective is achieved the subsequent economic and social results, too, will be positive and great.

‘In a world in which the process of globalization is gaining momenntum very rapidly and in various dimensions and the global competitions are deeply affected by the rapid scientific achievements the global leadership will belong to those nations that have the appropriate background and the best infrastructure for the growth of creativity and innovations, leading to wealth generation,’ reiterated Farhadi.

The 1st International Nanotechnology Conference of Asia and Pacific opened on Kish Island in the presence of Iranian and especially Kish Island high ranking officials and the renowned scientists from Asia and Pacific region in nanotechnology field and will close on March 11.

In addition to the scientific speeches at the public gatherings hall of the conference there are also expert level meetings, panel discussions, training workshops and a nanotechnology exhibition as the sidelines activities of the continental scientific event.